About Us

We are excited about each new challenge. With our innovative ideas we contribute to the future of technology. When we develop a new product, we first think about our customers. We anticipate their needs, respect their ideas and create a better tomorrow together with them.
Regardless of company size, category and location, every customer requires the same high quality solutions that enable their business to compete the todays global economy. Because we are dedicated to this belief, we have experienced a rapid growth. Today, White Account for Programming has grown into a business that provides a wide range of information technology related solutions for customers requiring access to the global marketplace.

Our Vision

We provide quality services to large, medium and small businesses, as well as to educational, governmental and non-governmental organizations and establishments. Our services offer your organization the ability to obtain solutions that concentrate the highest standards of excellence.

Know more about White Account for Programming

White Account for Programming is a leading software company in Jordan.
The company was founded in 2012.
White Account invented an integrated accounting program; it is an ERP System, using Oracle database, and it also has another systems that provide solutions in accounting checks, personnel and payroll, constants and assets, warehouses and cost of materials and manufacture.
White Account didnt stop at the previous points but darted to the work of many programs that rely on ERP Systems Including: a special school program, a special program of lifts (elevators), special transportation programs and many other programs.
As well as White account software Solutions Company characterized by designing websites and then began the work of many, including electronic programs follow-up programs, lawyers and many other programs.
The White Account proves their worth at the local market level in all areas of programming in terms of quality, service and price.
The company built on a solid founder of the companys expertise in the field of programming and accounting at the same time basis.

he development of an innovative approach that expands our services internationally through partnerships and alliances with companies that provide similar services. Today, this vision became a reality.
Since 2012, White Account for Programming has been serving hundreds of customers needs providing:
* ERP Systems
* Mobile Application Development
* Website Designing
* Social Media Marketing
* Search Engine Optimization
* Email Marketing
* Graphic Designing
* Managed Hosting